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Something for everyone!

So to start off with my first product review i thought i would share a product that everyone can use, no matter what skin type!

Over the last couple of years there has been a new skincare product that has been taking over our beauty isles worldwide, being used backstage at fashion shows on top models & is now available even in your local supermarket! The product i am referring to is Micellar Cleansing Water. This product is a little gem & i have no doubt that you are going to love it.


Bioderma was the original brand to launch a miceller water however there are now many available by all different brands such as high end brands Dior, Nars, La Roche-Posay to name a few but more affordable everyday brands are also available such as Simple, Bourjois, Nivea and my personal favourite Garnier. So what is this product i hear you ask… it is a super efficient and gentle way to cleanse your face morning & night. It removes make up, soothes & hydrates the skin, it is gentle on the skin and no water is required to use it, which makes it ideal for travelling and also for in your gym bag!

The micelles in the water are cleaning agents that work like little dirt magnets to lift away any impurities and make up from the skin. It is gentle on the skin, can be used on delicate areas, (contains no perfume) and there is no need to rub -you simply apply the water to a cotton pad and wipe over your skin. Your skin is left feeling clean & fresh with a healthy dewy look.

After trying many different brands my personal favourite is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It removes my make up so effortless and leaves my skin feeling so cool, fresh and clean afterwards! i have to be careful with skincare products as i do have quite sensitive skin, especially on my cheeks but this product has caused me no problems at all. I use this product in the morning to give my skin a light cleanse, the cooling effect is nice to wake me up and then again at night time where i feel it works a lot harder at removing all the make up and dirt from the day. i personally use the water with large cotton pads and usually use about 4-6 a night just to be sure i have removed all the make up but this will depend on how much make up you have on yourself. You can chose to just use this product by itself as it is effective on its own, but i do like to follow up with my my usual routine of using my milk cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser at night before i go to bed.


I also like the fact that this comes in a 400ml bottle which is a good size for how often you use it and is also available in a handy 125ml travel size which is ideal for travelling and also keeping in your gym bag.


I also like that it is easy to pick up, it is available from Boots, Superdrug, Bodycare, Savers and even Tesco! The cheapest i have found it is in Savers at £2.99 (Tesco are £3.99 but often put on special offers where you can pick it up for £2.66) and also the mini travel size is only 99p!! Total bargain and is a great size for you to try to see if you like it. I would also like to mention that although this product can be used on all skin types there is now a Garnier Micellar Water Combination Skin available for those who have more oily, spot-prone skin so there is something for everyone!

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A little bit about me!

Hey! So i thought to start off my first blog post id better introduce myself and tell you all a little bit about me & why I’m here. My name is Candis Codona & I’m a typical girly-girl that loves anything to do with beauty & fashion! i am a fully qualified HND Beauty Therapist and I’m here to share with you my reviews for the best products around!

from a young age i was always painting my nails and loved make up like most girls, but after leaving school i decided i wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry so i decided to go to college and study full time to become a beauty therapist. It took me 3 years  to reach HND level & i also attended additional courses to further my beauty skills and knowledge as it is a very competitive & demanding industry to work in, there are always new treatments to learn as the industry is constantly growing and changing. I have been in the beauty industry now for over 16 years and i still love it. i have been lucky enough to work in some lovely salons & spa’s in Glasgow where i have gained lots of experience from working along side other therapists and learning how to work in a busy salon environment, working for top beauty and tanning brand Fake Bake and ive also had the experience of owning my own beauty room, which i absolutely loved and would consider going back to in the future. i am currently a mobile based beauty therapist which means i travel to my clients to pamper them in the comfort of there home (Ideal for having a spray tan!) this suits many of my clients as they don’t need to worry about running to the car in there pyjamas after being tanned and also for those who work long hours and have children.

i hope you will enjoy reading my blog & please feel free to leave me a comment or ask me any questions!

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